Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Have a Hockey Hallowe'en!

by Jes

Ahh, Hallowe'en, the time for children to get stuffed with fattening treats, shoot fireworks at each other, and dress up in costume.

For the adults, it's not that much different, other than revolvers replacing fireworks, most of the time.

Now, if you love hockey, then why not show it with a puck-related costume this All Hallow's Eve?

1. The JASON Classic - The goalie mask is timeless, effective, and instantly recognizable. Donning the mask definitely says "psycho killer", or Patrick Roy, and saves us the agony of seeing your ugly face all night. You can't go wrong with something like this ...

2. The PUCK BUNNY - Ladies, show your true love of the game by dressing up as every hockey fan's fantasy creature. Fawn over your man as if he makes millions, and pretend that you think icing is just stuff you get on a cake.

Mmmm... be sure to wear pink, lots of pink.

3. A TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS GOALTENDER - OK, it's a bit hard to pull off.

4. A TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS FAN - Not so hard to pull off.

5. A TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS DEFENSEMAN - Very easy to pull off.

6. JOHN FERGUSON JR., for you yoga fanatics.

Here are a few bonus pics...

Sidney and his Hallowe'en candy...

The Canucks' play is enough to send many fans into HULK SMASH! rage of mages.

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