Thursday, 3 April 2008

Sabres Fan Sues Team, Gets No Sympathy From Blogger

by Jes

When you go to a hockey game, you know there is a small risk that you *might* get injured. We have netting at arenas, but the puck can still find its way into the stands once in awhile.

Also, we know that the glass can shatter or break from time to time. So, why is it that people feel like they can go to an NHL arena and fell 100% assured that everything will be OK. Hell, the teams go to good lengths to warn the fans that shit happens once in awhile.

Thus, this douchebag gets no sympathy from me. Just more human greed.

A prominent local English professor and arts critic is suing the Buffalo Sabres over injuries he suffered during a playoff game last year when a collision between two players sent a section of Plexiglas crashing on top on him.

Bruce Jackson, a longtime professor at the University at Buffalo and denizen of the local arts scene, filed suit against the professional hockey team Wednesday in State Supreme Court.

He is seeking an undisclosed amount in damages for pain and suffering because he contends the May 2007 incident caused severe neck injuries that continue to limit his mobility.

"The Plexiglas there, I thought it was there to protect me, not to injure me," Jackson told The News today

boo hoo frickin hoo!!

Has glass of ANY kind ever been failproof? No.

When you sit behind the glass of any NHL arena, you must know there is a slight risk that something bad will happen. That comes with the territory.

The fact that this idiot seems oblivious to that fact just speaks to his own stupidity. Then again, English professors are stuck up snobs with little common sense to guide them through the day.

No, I'm not happy that he was injured, but he should have known better than to sit behind the glass if he wanted to live a life free of 'any' danger.

Of course, the US law system is so fux0red that this moron will probably rake the team for a few hundred G's... *sigh*

Perhaps he'll get hit by a milk truck.



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