Sunday, 16 December 2007

Chris Simon, Professional Thug

by Jes

Chris Simon is one of those 'puck-optional' players in the NHL. It doesn't matter what is happening with the puck, Simon's job is simply to inflict physical pain and suffering on the opposing team. Simon isn't out there to score goals, or do anything useful.

Last night, Chris Simon did a very dangerous thing and tried to scalp Jarkko Ruutu with his skate blade.

Let's not forget the vicious lumberjack chop on Ryan Hollweg after being hit, cleanly, by the Rangers winger.

... or this whack job on Sergei Fedorov ...

Given his past history, and what could have happened to Ruutu, Simon should get AT LEAST 20 games. Unfortunately, he'll get 1-2, at most, knowing how soft the NHL is.

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