Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Sean Avery: Rejected!

by Jes

Despite the fact that Sean Avery seems to score a lot of celebrity ass, it appears that his fame and name recognition doesn't go as far as the yappy winger seems to think it does.

From the New York Daily News, we get the real scoop ...

The New York Rangers celebrated their 5-2 victory over the Ottawa Senators Saturday night at Bungalow 8, where injured forward Sean Avery showed up with a sling on one hand and black nail polish on the other. The Blueshirts had originally hit up Buddha Bar but were denied entrance.

"F- this place! We're never coming here again!" screamed the Rangers' flack when the bouncer said he didn't know or care who the hometown heroes were. Guess he's an Isles fan!
... or, perhaps the bouncer did know who Sean Avery was, and wanted to deliver a nice blow to Sean's massive ego. OH!

and black nail polish? Has he been letting Mary-Kate paint his fingernails?

Oh, the rest of the NHL has so much good stuff to use against Avery the next time the little bitch starts flapping his gums.

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