Friday, 21 December 2007

John Paddock, Mein Fuhrer

by Jes

While ex-Bruins coach Dave Lewis always drew the Adolf Hitler comparisons, I always saw more of a London cop in the moustached man. Having a short moustache is not reason alone for the nasty comparison.

Now, any time I see John Paddock, I see a very eerily similarity to Der Fuhrer.

See? Put a moustache on the Sens coach and what do you get?

On another note, we need to coin "The John Paddock Face". Every time I see Paddock on TV, he has this look that is a mixture of disgust and anger. Even though his team is rockin the charts, the guy is just never happy, and his expression rarely changes. It's quite comical, and I wonder if he had the same expression on his marriage day.

(Yes, I am already going to Hell. I might as well speed up the process)

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