Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Canucks Suck Away Another One

by Jes

Last night's 2-1 Avs win over the Canucks shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, given how the Canucks seem to be throwing away the season without so much as a shrug.

Outshot, outworked, outchanced, out-mostanythingelsed, etc ...

Forsberg made his return ... no points, but looked solid. I don't understand why Coach Q played him nearly 20 minutes. Wouldn't you want to ease the guy in just a little?

I'm with local radio ranter Neil MacRae on coach Vigneault singing the same old bad song over and over ... why?

“Our guys are squeezing their sticks a little bit on offense,” Canucks coach Alain Vigneault said. “It’s not going in for us right now. Our guys are good hockey players and they are in a funk right now. We have to keep working.”
Cut and paste that quote from the last 2 months, and you have what Vigneault has been saying after every game.

1. If the Canucks are good hockey players, why are they fighting for a playoff spot? Good team don't have these types of problems all season long.

2. Keep working? Look at the Canucks game in and game out, and see a team that isn't working nearly hard enough.

3. Not going in for us RIGHT NOW? How about all frickin season?

Vigneault's inability to admit failure is one big reason why the Canucks are in the funk they are in right now. Rather than admit the truth, Vigneault has allowed the Canucks to accept failure by accepting their sub-par play.

Do the Canucks really think that it's simply a string of bad luck? *Sigh*

The SedinBots + Naslund haven't scored a goal in ... what ... 5-6 games? The lack of passion showed by the Swedes is reason #2 (#1 is a lack of depth) why the Canucks will never go anywhere. With the season hanging in the balance, these three meatballs are basically going through the motions, and are getting push around more than the 90-pound weakling at the beach.

So, as it stands today, the Canucks are in NINTH place and out of the playoffs. The team can't score, and is unwilling to do what it takes to actually win some games.

I can understand the lack of offensive talent, but not the lack of effort. Vigneault needs to stop lying to himself, the fans, and the team, and just admit that his boys haven't been doing enough to win games.

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