Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Canucks Go With Gillis

When the Canucks fired No-Balls Nonis, Slumlord Aquilini claimed that the Canucks would look long and hard for a guy with lots of experience.

Well, after a very brief "search", the Canucks are hiring a guy with absolutely no NHL managerial experience: Superagent Mike Gillis.

Listening to Neil MacRae on CKNW this morning, I actually agree (mostly) with what he says: Aquilini appears to be nothing more than a jock-sniffing moron who loves the prestige of hanging around with NHLers and ex-NHLers like GINO! Odjick and the Courtnall brothers (who are also developer thieves).

Waiting for Stanley:

I'm not so sure yet. Zero GM track record. He had better be fucking smart. I don't want the Canucks to turn into a big joke. It's already enough of a fucking circus around there already.
A press conference will be held tomorrow by Mr. Aquilini to make the announcement. He had no comment

Let's see, Mike Gillis has ...
Never hired a coach
Never fired a coach
Never been involved in a draft decision
Never been involved with a trade decision
Never managed a hockey club at any level
Never gonna give you up (whoops)

Yes, I know his agent pedigree is very good (Look at the $ he got for Holik!), and he probably knows the CBA inside and out, but it's a far different job to run an entire hockey club than it is to take GM's over the coals to get more money for clients. Just because Gillis is a great agent doesn't mean he'll be a good GM.

I bet the fix was probably in from the start, and Aquilini, listening to the advice of his hockey player buddies, wanted Gillis all along.

Instead of taking the time, which the Canucks had, to find and hire the BEST candidate, the Canucks go out and get Mike Gillis, a guy with no track record, to run a club in a fragile state.


Things aren't looking good around here.

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