Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Chad Kroeger: Wings Fan and Giant Douche

Crad Kroeger is the lead singer of the horrible band Nickelback, for which I, on behalf of many Canadians, apologize for us spawning onto the world. Listening to their music is only slightly less painful than puncturing your ballsack with a Hattori Hanzo sword.

Kroeger is also a drunk driving douchebag that just happened to be caught cheering for the Red Wings in this (Getty Images) photo.

As if you needed another reason to hate the guy, besides the fact that he likes to such himself off, and is uglier than Hillary Clinton.

Way to jump on the bandwagon there, buddy.

Notice the douchebag look on his face, and the douchebag hand gestures? Does he think the fans are there to see him 'rock it out'?

Kid Rock as a Red Wings fan is believable. Chad Kroeger as a Wings fan is not.

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